Call for contributions: Gender & Development Journal – ‘ICT through a lens of gender equality and women’s rights’ (deadline: 30 September 2017)
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In July 2018, the international journal Gender & Development will examine the theme of information and communication technology (ICTs), through the lens of gender equality and women’s rights.

G&D is a unique journal, producing content on three themes each year – in March, July and November – to inform and influence development policymakers, practitioners and researchers about placing women’s rights and gender equality at the centre of their work. It is published for Oxfam by Routledge/Taylor and Francis. G&D provides a forum for the sharing of innovation, good practices and lessons learned from researchers, policymakers, development practitioners and feminist activists, particularly offering space to those from the global South. For more information, visit

The rapidly-evolving digital landscape is radically transforming the way people around the world access information and services, offering immense potential to individuals, groups and communities for poverty eradication and empowerment, creating new routes for learning, earning, and political activism. SDG 5 recognises the particular empowerment potential of ICTs for gender justice, aiming to ‘Enhance the use of ICT to promote the empowerment of women’.

This issue of Gender & Development will take a feminist analysis of new, exciting realities, emphasising that technologies themselves are not neutral, offering potential for both positive and negative applications and impact. It will feature grounded case studies from different global South contexts of activism using ICTs for gender equality and the economic, social and political empowerment of women.

Full call: G&D Call for Contributions Vol 26, Issue 2, July 2018 FINAL

C4D Network Editor
September 17, 2017

Image Credit: Gender & Development Journal

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