Launch of our Network Yearbook and 2016/17 Network Mapping Study (March 2017)
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Our March Focus session saw the launch of two exciting new C4D Network resources – the C4D Network Yearbook and our 2016/17 Network Mapping Study.

Our C4D Yearbook presents an overview of the Network – from country chapters to our current partnership projects – and highlights all our upcoming projects, themes and events for 2017. If you would like to play a larger role in the Network the Yearbook also offers suggestions for how to get involved. This is our first Network Yearbook and it was put together in recognition of our growth from small beginnings as a consultants’ lunch group ten years ago, to the present global network of over 3,000 C4D members, with emerging country chapters and strong collaborative energy and great potential. The full Yearbook can be viewed here.

Our 2016/17 C4D Network Mapping Study is an overview of our ‘C4D Where You Are’ mapping conducted by Network members around the world. The findings of this Study are the result of various Network Country Chapter Meet-Ups between September 2016 and January 2017, and responses to a country-specific online survey from nearly 50 countries. Discussions and responses have been gathered in English, French, Spanish and Arabic; and where possible – and with the assistance of a dedicated team of Network volunteers and contractors – these have been translated, transcribed and synthesised. And this is the result – a Study that presents a country snapshot of ‘Communications for Development’ around the world, from the perspective of Network members who are working in C4D or teaching it, studying it, supporting it and on occasion commissioning it. We have valued doing this research, and thank all the Network members who have contributed to it. We hope to carry out similar research annually to collectively see where we are and how we are improving what we do for greater development and human rights impact. The full Study can be viewed here


A wide range of people have tirelessly advised and worked on the evolution of the Network and we would like to say a big thank you to all members of the C4D Network for supporting its development over the past ten years. Onwards and upwards!

C4D Network Editor
April 3, 2017

Image Credit: C4D Network

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