About Our Team

The C4D Network is a member-based organisation, led by the Secretariat and supported by the Members Executive Committee, the Strategic Advisory Board and by a team of Fellows over the summer.

Members Executive Committee (MEC)

The Members’ Executive Board is made up of Network members who have volunteered to dedicate time and effort to lead the Network in 2015, with the aim of making this body an elected one for all membership by 2016. The MEC leads the strategic direction of the Network, in consultation with the Advisory Board, Members’ Working Groups and the Secretariat.
Susan Abbott Soledad Muniz
Sarah Cardey Eleanor Morris
Nicola Harford Winston Mano
Stacy Hilliard Mary Myers


The Secretariat manages the C4D Network on a day to day basis and is led by Jackie Davies, the network founder, in Oxford.
Jackie Davies, Founder and Executive Director
Katie Bartholomew, Network Coordinator
Will Davies, Network Operations
Nicola Sutherland, Network Editor


The C4D Fellows have the role of supporting the Secretariat in Oxford.

Becky Boumelha
Adams Braimah
Claire Butler
Ibrahim Kasita